Thank you 2019

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Thank you 2019

Post by D_Arquebus »

Thanks to Bojo and the Decked Out Gaming crew for hosting the tourney :)

Thanks to Rabid, MiniMinotaurs, Creature, Foad, Haz1079, and Bigmac for some enjoyable games and a great time chatting :)

Well done to Rabid for the win (5/1/0 same as me, but won on Opp score diff).

Well done to Oozeboss for best painted on his great Chorfs and to Bigmac as a close runner up :)

Great tourney and atmosphere, so thanks to all participants :)
NAF Regional Tourney Organiser (Oz/ NZ)

13th Worldwide to 24 Teams :)

Results by Team: Play the 24+2 :)
Sport: Necro, Ogre
Painted: 24hr Painting Challenge
Wins: 15/26 Teams (enjoyin the 26)
Podiums: 25/26 or Ausbowl (FB) - Oz BB
NZ Blood Bowl Community (FB) - NZ BB

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Re: Thank you 2019

Post by oozeboss »

I can only echo Dan's thanks as listed. Much kudos to Bojo for TO'ing it perfectly, and to all of my opponents for proving to me that my Slann were totally blameless for past crashes & burns ;) ::) ;D .
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