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The following is the Breakdown of Scoring for the NSW Open Tournament.

Score A)
Will Consist of points solely from Wins/Draws/Losses with the following:

Win = 100 Points
Draw = 50 Points
Loss = 10 Points

Score B)
Will consist of bonus points combined with points from Score A and includes the following:

Winning by 2 or more TDs = 5 Points
Keeping Opponent Scoreless = 5 Points
Losing by 1 TD = 5 Points
Each TD = 1 Point
Each Cas = 1 Point

Opponents Scores are also tabulated and are drawn from their Score B points.

For Final results the first determinant will be coaches Score A points. i.e. the bonus points are essentially stripped away for final rankings. The first tiebreaker for coaches on equal Score A points will be their Opponents Scores (derived from Score B points), followed by their own Score B points.

e.g. Rabid defeats One Eye 3-0 with Casualties 1-4.
Rabid: 100 (Score A), 114 (Score B)
One Eye: 10 (Score A) 14 (Score B)

Rabid is blind drunk but still draws with Olaf 0-0 with Casualties 3-2
Rabid: 50 (Score A), 58 (Score B)
Olaf: 50 (Score A), 57 (Score B)
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