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A word on Food and Drink

Posted: Fri Mar 04, 2011 12:52 am
by Rabid_Bogscum
Ok so the club has a bistro that is open till late, it has a vending machine, it has tea/coffee facilities etc. I encourage you to patronage them.

That said we are a private function. I have spoken to the Duty Manager that will be on over the weekend and he is fine with us bringing in outside food and eating it upstairs and only upstairs. That means if you wanna esky up some stuff that should be ok. You can bring takeaway coffee's etc in, in the morning as they wont be running that early. Everything just needs to be consumed in our room.

There is a Westfields down the road, and quite a few food options nearby, but none of them particularly better quality or better value. If you go down this route, please be discreet bringing it in, and proceed straight to our room.

Snack wise. If you fancy lollies etc. I would love it if you dont buy stuff, but instead buy the natural confectionery lollies and cadbury chocolates I have as part of fundraising for AusBowl, I'll be bringing in a mixed box of everything Ive got. Please consider it.

That said. There is to be no Alcohol brought in period. Please guys dont let me down on this. I am getting the room really cheap and we are being well looked after, besides the fact I used to work there and am still in the same industry. I dont need my reputation damaged. Lets get pissed, but do it with their alcohol to say thanks for having us.

I hope you can respect the pretty broad freedom we have here.