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Dice Odds Calculator

Posted: Sat Feb 06, 2021 8:10 am
by sumbloke
I was watching a video last night about the odds of 2 die up blocks and decided to throw together a calculator of the odds of succeeding/failing a die roll. It's very generic, not limited to Blood Bowl.

Basically you get three types of result on a die roll - good, neutral or bad. For a Block, good would generally mean they go down (or lose the ball if you have Strip Ball), bad would mean you fall down and neutral would be a push without Strip Ball.

You set the number of dice, whether you get to choose the best or have to choose the worst result, and how many faces are good/neutral/bad. Then the page calculates the odds in three ways - straight results on the dice, results if you reroll only failures, rerolls if you reroll anything but a success (i.e., desperation play where you need the ball out).