World Cup Rego and Team Sheets

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World Cup Rego and Team Sheets

Post by D_Arquebus »

Squad Team Rosters for WC4... has correct rules for team building embedded :)

Squad Roster

Single Coach Roster

Also, Team Captains - you can register before paying. So get those teams loaded ASAP :)

Full name of each participant
Email address and phone number of team captain/single player
NAF-Nickname, NAF-number and country of residence of each player
Food preferences (regular/vegetarian/vegan/special dietary requirements)
If any of you have any medical conditions, handicaps or allergies, which we need to be aware of
How many miniature teams and pitches you like to buy?
Which host country your team will represent (Austria/Germany/Switzerland)
What shirt size you'd need
NAF Regional Tourney Organiser (Oz/ NZ)

13th Worldwide to 24 Teams :)

Results by Team: Play the 24+2 :)
Sport: Necro, Ogre
Painted: 24hr Painting Challenge
Wins: 15/26 Teams (enjoyin the 26)
Podiums: 25/26 or Ausbowl (FB) - Oz BB
NZ Blood Bowl Community (FB) - NZ BB

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