Thank you 2018

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Thank you 2018

Post by D_Arquebus »

Huge Thanks to Adam (Olaf) and Casper (Vain) for another tremendously fun SSB! One of my favorite tourneys in Oz! And these two do a lot of work to make that happen!

Thanks to everyone who came who participated in the spirit of the event! You guys down here rock for great gaming atmosphere :)

Thanks to all my opponents, even the pesky Dark Elf coaches who saw me at my lowest for the weekend. Good games even if my team self sabotaged in spectacular fashion. All 6 games were enjoyable and makes me appreciate the effort to come play :)

Grats to Brett W. on joining the 2nd Time show offs ;) :P

Well done to Adam Black for sports and Brett W. for painting. Winning AND doin it in style!

Personal Accomplishment of winning a Best Stunty with my third Race was the goal for the weekend. So pretty chuffed with that.

Cheers :)
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Re: Thank you 2018

Post by Jonno »

Yep. Awesome tourney. Big thankyou to Adam, Casper and Ash, especially.
Thanks to opponents, even Skaven coaches who refuse not to intercept on a '6'.
Will definitely be back next year.
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Re: Thank you 2018

Post by Ratt »

Just want to echo these thoughts, huge thanks to Adam and Casper for the event.

Definitely going to try to make the next one, but with my wedding a month prior, it may be tight...
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